We hired the engineers and took on the hassle of trial and error, product testing and unforeseen cost overruns.  What’s MOST important are the things you CAN’T see, like electrical connectors, wires, breakers, smart solar, inversion, shore power, fittings, plumbing, switches-- and we got all of those right. 


We use upgraded gauge wiring, aerospace insulation, and marine-grade material so sun and moisture don't damage your van over time. We use the best available Deutsch connectors for our wiring connections. We use agricultural industry switches, designed to last a very long time under harsh conditions including heat, cold, water and condensation, dust, and idleness. You don't want electrical issues and neither do we!


We also get the things you CAN see right, both functionally and aesthetically! With marine-grade material instead of particle board or wood, you won't have to worry about your van collecting moisture, mold, or a musty smell. We want our vans to stand the test of time and adventures-- and sometimes, adventures are messy!

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