VanDOit Featured in Bike Rumor's Podcast

February 3, 2020

 In the first two of what will be three episodes that VanDOit is featured on Bike Rumor's Podcast- VanDOit CEO Brent Kline and Co-Founder/Lead Designer (known as "The Mad Scientist") Jared McCauslin sit down to explain the process of building a camper van--


"Lovin’ the idea of the #Vanlife but not sure where to start? VanDOit walks us through the entire process of building out your own custom camper van. In this episode, we talk about everything from choosing the right size van, gas vs. diesel, DIY vs. pro, how to get an RV loan on a custom van, where you can park and sleep, what options you need, and more. They even tell us what you need to watch out for if you’re buying a used van as the foundation of your own conversion project." - Bike Rumor


Click here to listen!


 In the second episode, Jared explains all things electrical for camper vans--


"In this episode, VanDOit’s mad scientist Jared McCauslin talks us through everything we ever wanted to know (and didn’t know to ask) about custom electrical systems for your camper van, Sprinter, Transit or whatever adventure vehicle you’re building. Consider this your ultimate guide to planning out the complete electrical, charging and storage solution for your #Vanlife!" - Bike Rumor


 Click here to listen!

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VanDOit builds custom camper vans on the Ford Transit Van chassis. From mountain biking to kayaking, we can build a van to fit your adventure needs!

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VanDOit Featured in Bike Rumor's Podcast

February 3, 2020

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