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VanDOit's Winter Gear Guide

Our Local Gear Expert and Ambassador Goes On a Deep Dive to Bring you the Best VanLife Gear for Your Winter Wish List

Every season we take a deep dive into what vanlifers are using out in the real world. And while this list just scratches the surface, we’ve uncovered some awesome gear and other life-enhancing tools for all your travels and adventures.

Primus Tupike Stove

Even if your VanDOit has a kitchen pod, you still need a place to cook out of your van. Even if you don’t have a van, the Primus Tupike is one of the top rated and reliable cook stoves out there for families and overlanders of all types, and it’s got the history to back it up. You may not know that the camp stove dates back to 1892. Called the "Primus," the first “soot-free” kerosene stove was constructed by Frans W. Lindqvist. And the brand has been innovating ever since. Plus Primus cookware and stove sets add a bit of panache to any rig or camping set up.

Doggie Goggles

Whether your best friend is hanging his or her head out the van window or out romping in the snow with you on a long winter hike, dogs’ eyes are sensitive to UV radiation, wind and snow blindness just like yours are. Plus the style points for this canine accessory are off the charts. Make your pooch Instagram worthy and keep them protected from the elements with these military-grade and guide-approved doggie goggles from Rex Specs. It’s also the perfect gift for the guy who has everything.

Rapha Street and Work Wear

You know at VanDOit we are all about the bike...and we know a lot of our customers are too. For our bike loving friends, check out the new apres and mechanic wear from one of our favorite cult apparel brands, Rapha. While the iconic brand makes everything from performance bibs to sleeping bags, we are really into this new streetwear line from Rapha, especially the Transfer Hoody. This is the perfect put-it-on, leave-it-on apres hoody that will give you all the snuggly feels both before and after your daily ride. Also check out the new Mechanics Collection for those who live -- and work -- the bike life right out of their van.


If you’re turning your wheels toward the mountains this winter, you’re going to want some skis that are as cool as your van. If you’ve got a custom built should probably have an equally rad pair of custom skis to go with it, because you know it’s all about looking good for those #vanlife selfies in the parking lot. Kidding aside, ROMP skis out of Crested Butte are one of the better kept secrets in the ski industry, and can make you a pair of custom skis (choose from more than 50 graphics for the top sheet and 9 pre-tested tip and tail shapes) that will have the materials, flex, camber and rocker built specifically for your body and the type of skiing you like to do most.

Make Yourself Carbon Neutral

The best gift you can give to yourself, your kids, and the planet is to make yourself carbon neutral. It’s an amazing new technology and platform that has come on the scene at just the right time. And let’s face it, you’re driving a van that gets 13 MPG, so it’s on us to do what we can to offset our footprint. Specifically this program allows you to purchase an amount of carbon offsets equal to the amount of carbon emissions that are attributable to the average American lifestyle over the course of a year. All the energy and utility usage, air travel, commuting and road tripping, the things a person buys, eats, etc. — all of these activities create carbon emissions, and all of these factor into a personal annual carbon footprint calculation. The average American leaves a footprint of 24 tonnes of CO2e per year. Brands and businesses can also use the tool to offset their annual emissions.

Note About the Author-

VanDOit Ambassador Aaron H. Bible is an internationally acclaimed travel writer and outdoor industry journalist. Contact him for any gear related questions, to inquire about a new van, or to find out more about how he maximizes his VanDOit time on the road! Follow his adventures with his wife Jasmine and daughters Lavender and Marigold @team_bible_travels & @ahbible


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