Pop Up Tops?

We DO offer high top vans, which a very tall person (under 6’5”) can stand in. We also offer mid roof and low roof vans. A person about 5’9” and below would be comfortable standing in a mid roof. Our owner is 6’1” and he drives a mid roof, stating that he only needs to stand when dressing.


We DO NOT offer pop-tops or tent-camper type tops to the van for the following reasons.


  1. Safety: When installing a pop-top, the structural integrity of the factory-engineered van is compromised and in some cases, the top will open upon impact.

  2. Weight: A pop-top ads additional weight to the van above that of the factory engineered build. This weight can impact how the van handles and contribute to “roll over," another safety factor. This additional weight also offsets any potential fuel savings.

  3. Hassle: We want to give campers and passengers the ability to stand up anytime they need to along their journey without having to consider putting the top up when stopped in order to stand and then putting it back down again when ready to head back out. We do not believe that a majority of our customers want to have to crank up a top every time they want to be comfortable standing or camping.

  4. Ceiling Cargo Rails: Because our vans have a solid top, it allows us to mount an inverted roof rack into the strongest points in the roof structure, which allows our customers to create above modular storage for just about anything. Vandoit stores the video screen on these ceiling cargo rails in the roof cavity. You can mount whatever you want up there.

  5. Maintenance: Like a tent camper a pop-top creates extra moving parts and therefore extra mechanical failures and repairs. The tent material wears out rather quickly due to being scrunched down and wrinkled and then periodically stretched out. We have tried very hard to use the KISS method and to offer things that make the most sense and are functional.

  6. Thermal Qualities: Like a tent camper, when camping with a pop-top up, a camper will experience a huge loss of both heat and cooling depending on the season, unlike a well insulated Vandoit. This makes heating and cooling using the van’s energy system much more difficult and creates discomfort for the camper. A pop-top makes it impossible to use our insulation and ductwork system that eliminates hot and cool spots within the van