Bed Lift Platform

  • Hydraulic, height-adjustable queen/king size platform for sleeping, hauling, etc.
    *76" long by 62" wide

    *Cargo Net is Required with use of upper platform

Folding Leaf for Bed Lift Platform

  • Allows the ability to fold the section of the upper / bed Lift Platform out of the way for the third row seat passengers

  • *This option does not lengthen the standard platform.

Customizable Storage Boxes

  • Sturdy cabinets on both sides of van that are made out of T-Track to allow you to add hooks, mounts, cargo netting, etc.
    *Required for Upper Platform Install

Gear Slide (available on DO rig as well)

  • Heavy Duty platform for safely sliding cargo in and out of the vehicle.
    *Doubles as a bunk bed as well 
    *750 pound capacity, evenly distributed
    *63 and 1/2" long by 44 and 1/2" wide

Ceiling Cargo Rails

  • T-track rails lining the ceiling for hanging cabinets, cargo hammocks, hanging gear, etc. 

Entertainment Box

  • Houses the solar controls, power controls, switch controls, video controls, battery bank, inverter. 

  • Also acts as a bench or step up to the bed
    *Not required for electrical install (electronic system can be housed in rear storage box)



  • Single Mattress Platform
    *26" x 76"


  • Full Mattress Platform
    *26" x 76" platform +18.75" x 76" platform (folded together)
    *Add second platform to create bunk bed setup

    *Can combine different sized platforms to create offsetting bunk beds

  • Desk Platform
    *20" x 64"
    *These drop-down, height-adjustable platforms can double as a sofa, desk, counter, or shelf

    *Platforms can be easily relocated with quick-release pins

Skeleton Grid

  • Interior grid work on ceiling, walls, and floor. Allowing for nearly unlimited versitility and fuctionality applications

Electronics Cabinet

  • Houses the solar controls, power controls, switch controls, video controls, battery bank, inverter. Works as a bench
    *Required for any electrical install

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