• The LIV package has a hydraulic Queen/King size bed lift, with a large stroke of upward and downward movement, which can change height positions based on cargo needs. 

  • A folding leaf on the hydraulic  bed lift, allowing for more LIV space and headroom for the third row of passenger seating without having to raise the bed

  • Has a garage area below the bed lift with a gear slide that also doubles as a bunk bed to fit a twin or full-size mattress.

  • Seats up to 8 passengers with our modular seats that can be removed when desired (2-person & 3-person benches)

  • Option to have electronic system in rear storage cabinets, or mid-van to double as a step or bench up to bed

  • Leaves the rear passenger side shelves open for storage in the garage area

  • Price range from $59,800 - $108,800 (Price range includes the van and the options installed)

Visit our Components page to learn about our options!

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