Our production run for a VanDOit conversion is currently set up for the Ford Transit passenger van. The demand for Transits is so high, we don't foresee a specific timeline to do complete conversions on other van models. We realize that many people own Mercedes Sprinters, Ram Promasters and Nissan NVs. We will make minor modifications to other models and sell specific components separately. We also take trade-in's on any vehicles. 

We choose the Ford Transit for several reasons including dealership warranty and availability, affordable maintenance and repair costs, quality, van availability and affordability. We own and lease all models, but we have a huge level of trust in the Transit because we have leased hundreds of them since they began building them and they have performed so well. People love them. They drive like a high quality car.

Click here to view the 2019 Ford Transit Spec Sheet

Watch the video below to hear from VanDOit CEO Brent Kline about why he chose the Ford Transit.

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