We have seen smart people thinking outside the box who use a VanDOit for catering, band touring, event coffee and bakery service, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, tour industry, florists, mobile dog grooming, real estate, event supply delivery, mobile retailing and distributing, on the road sales reps who want to save on hotel costs, branding any new product, pool / water supplies delivery, ski and surf applications, nutrition company supply and delivery, office supply delivery and for mobile repair of all types including bicycle and cell phone.

The all new VanDOit DO has an open floor plan with an internal “skeleton” track system, which allows for the creation of anything from a mobile office, to a repair shop to a camper van with nearly unlimited attachment points for mounts, hooks, racks, tie downs and shelves to allow for hauling of anything including motorcycles, ATV’s, business inventory, paddle boards or toys of any type. 

Just like the GO, the DO maintains VanDOit’s modular nature and is extremely versatile, functional and customizable by the customer. The DO can haul up to 20 bicycles, 3 motorcycles, 1 ATV or LOTS of whatever cargo and gear you need to haul, while still being a very comfortable camper van or adventure van.  



Whether utilizing the van for some risky adventure or business, this van allows for the perfect mix of risky business of all types. Bottom line is the van cries out "Nobody puts baby in a corner." The VanDOit GO and DO are versatile and people are so creative that the number of commercial and business applications VanDOit is being utilized for is amazing!


YES, many have purchased our camper/ adventure vans for branding and marketing their own business, while enjoying it personally at the same time. Additionally, many use the van as an employee perk!  One thing is for certain, when you show up in a VanDOit you or your business MAKE A STATEMENT and become the life of the party with the "rolling stage" and the Marine Grade JL / Kenwood audio system with built in microphone. Give out some fresh hot or cold drinks off the pull out Gear Slide, while watching the big game off of the rear mount bigs screen TV with a simply HUGE sound. Stay connected or disconnect...the choice is yours. 

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