Are you a REP? The VanDOit is a dream vehicle for company sales reps.


Make a statement when you go to an event! Our audio system, gear slide, and video monitor from the rear of the vehicle make the VanDOit a rolling stage.


Become the life of the party…or just go to bed! With the ability to store equipment and supplies on several levels, including the gear slide, platform lift, and ceiling cargo rails, haul by day and sleep in the vehicle by night. Skip the pricy and sometimes nasty hotels, all while branding your company with a moving billboard. Reps love this completely versatile vehicle!


Many of our van buyers are sales reps and love their van so much, they have not only purchased a van to further their business and save on lodging, but also become reps for VanDOit! This allows them to make their monthly van payment simply by telling people about their vehicle and earning referral and sales commissions. Their van saves them money and hassle, while allowing them to make money at the same time!


If you are interested in becoming a rep, please contact our National Sales Director, Ted Vandevort at

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