In 1947, Woodrow Wilson Kline started Kline motor company in Manly, Iowa. Vans and adventure vehicles have always been a part of the Kline companies. Kline Van, has up-fitted passenger vans for companies for years. VanDOit evolved from out existing van company to meet the demand of the adventure van and the van life movement.  The minds behind this product, or perhaps one could call it a lifestyle, are driven by adventure-- people who bike, moto, surf, ski, hike, run, fish, hunt, climb etc.-- those who love the thrill of being free on the open road. We know what you want, because it’s what we want-- freedom, adventure, excitement-and the means to do these things. 


What we call the "VanDOit Lifestyle" is the heart behind the creation of this van. We relate to the monotony of daily living. We believe the hunger for adventure, or the desire to experience new and incredible things is inherent in each of us. For some, adventure may look different. We believe VanDOit is a vehicle that allows us to experience this freedom. The world is an exciting place. We want to give people, as well as ourselves, the opportunity to truly explore what it has to offer. Obey the Call of the Wild. You VanGO and VanDO anything. You VanDOit.

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321 SE County Road, SE AA Hwy

Blue Springs, MO 64014