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You Van DO It.

Number 1 in modular multi-purpose vans

  • Attention! Please do not go buy a van! VanDOit is a van sales and leasing company. We turn our OWN existing Ford Transit van inventory into camper vans according to the options you pick and sell them for one package price. This saves you thousands on both the chassis and the options. We have hundreds of vans available for sale and conversion every day. It would be the exception and not the norm for us to convert a van that did not come from our own fleet. Our posted pricing includes the van, the conversion and the whole kit and caboodle all in one very competitive price saving you lots and lots of time, money and headache. Having Said that, if you have already purchased a van, please get with us..we have options!

  •  An Affordable Camper Van specifically created by adventurers of every kind so that anyone can utilize the convenient, customizable design with modular transformability.

  • We build our vans with materials that do not contain Off Gas.

  • The VanDOit is a converted Ford Transit 350 XLT and can be used as a primary-everyday vehicle with between 2-11 passenger seating, convertible to a business van or anywhere in between. 

  • Ranging From $48,800 - $108,800 for a COMPLETE van and conversion (industry promotor pricing), YOU can own this top of the line adventure van and we will finance it and take your trade in.

Introducing the All-New VanDOit "LIV"

In conjunction with the innovations of the all-new 2020 AWD Ford Transit, we have a created a new model - the VanDOit "LIV," similar to the original "GO," with the ability of converting to more open space and new component additions. To get a first-look at the all-new "LIV," watch the video below. To read more about the "LIV," CLICK HERE.

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VanDOit with 4x4
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